Love & Relationships - Dating Tips for Ladies - Signs That He Will Make A Good Husband

Dating Tips for Ladies - Signs That He Will Make A Good Husband

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Signs That He Will Make A Good Husband:
1 He takes care of you. And ladies this goes beyond financial items, I'm talking about when you are not feeling well, he comes and makes you pepper soup, rubs you with rub and tucks you in type of stuff...
2. He asks how your day was and actually waits and listens for your response. This is a great indicator of a future husband. It shows that he is attentive and genuinely cares for you, now and later.
3. He is a hard worker. Men with potential for being great husbands work hard, are driven and productive, but they value a balance between work and life, and their hard work is often motivated by the drive to build a foundation for, and ultimately help to provide for, a family.
4 He talks about the future. He dreams forward with you, sharing hopes and wishes about life, work, your future family and life together as a couple. Chances are he's not only at a point in his life where he's ready to marry, but he's also dreaming about you when it comes to marriage. It's a big deal--a big step forward , being open to discussing it is huge... READ MORE >