Job - Customer Experience Specialist | Tesla Motors - Palo Alto, CA USA - Vacancy

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Job - Customer Experience Specialist | Tesla Motors - Palo Alto, CA USA - Vacancy

Job Details: 
As a  Customer Experience Specialist I,  you  will support customers from the moment  they walk into our showrooms to learn  about Tesla.  We’ve created one of the  most innovative vehicles ever made, and you will help deliver an equally innovative  buying experience.
*. Engage walk in guests promptly,  personally and with the goal of opening  the conversation and ensuring they feel  welcome
*. Understand who our guests are, what  brought them to Tesla, their intent and  timeline to purchase, thus creating a  robust Customer Profile
*. Educate and excite guests by answering  their questions and providing a tailored  experience based upon their interests and  agenda
*. Help Tesla maintain a healthy sales pipeline by collecting customer contact information and scheduling Test Drives for individuals  who exhibit purchase intent or potential
*. Provide the highest level of customer  service to all current and future owners
*. Customer service experience required
*. Positive, enthusiastic and passionate about the changes in the personal transportation industry
*. Ability to understand and convey business  issues and technical concepts
*. Strong sense of team mentality and  reliability
*. Strong communication skills and attention  to detail
*. Demonstrate a mastery of all Tesla  products and services. Keep up with EV  industry trends and local incentives
*. Ability to work evenings and weekends
*. Must have and maintain a valid driver’s  license and an acceptable and safe driving  record.
*. Legal right to work in the United States ..More Details » [Apply] 
*Report Job Scams 


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