Jobs/Vacancies - Job - Staff Assistant, Airport Station | American Airlines - Las Vegas, NV USA - Vacancy

Job - Staff Assistant, Airport Station | American Airlines - Las Vegas, NV USA - Vacancy

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Job - Staff Assistant, Airport Station | American Airlines - Las Vegas, NV USA - Vacancy

Job Details: 
Responsible for performing a wide variety of office duties including: coordinating meeting arrangements, typing, filing, ensuring telephone coverage, greeting and directing customers, handling mail, ordering and distributing office supplies, reconciling P-card spending, tracking anniversaries/birthdays and arranging travel and hotel accommodations.
Principal Duties and Responsibilities
*. Provides assistance with preparation of management presentations and special projects as required
*.Administers, reviews and monitors all local invoices through Invoice Works and disseminate as necessary
*.Troubleshoots and escalates office technology issues, including telephone and copier machines
*.Tracks and ensures employees complete onboarding duties, including appropriate system access, assignment of lockers, mailboxes, uniforms, badges, fingerprinting, training, etc.
*.Assists in station event planning, coordination and execution (i.e. Do Crew, luncheons, holiday meals, recognition events)
*.Handles payroll processing in Work brain for management and support staff
*.Processes bereavement letters and coordinates local communications and response
*.Manages employee parking, including permitting and assignments, as required
*.Assists with timekeeping functions, data entry, data verification, reconciliations and filing
*.Maintains employee files, as necessary
*.Maintains Station meeting plans, including monthly emergency response
Job Description (Continued)
*.Accesses and manages various periodic reports, including performance, audit, expense, employee engagement and recognition, etc.
*.Updates required manuals
*.Files and maintains all security related items
*.Acts as backup for various payroll functions
*.Manages records for OSHA, safety, etc. (301's, weekly and annual)
*.Assists with budget preparation and reconciliation, including monthly closeout of landing fees
*.Supports auditing activities as required
*.Tracks and verifies incentive funds earned
*.Liaises with CRE/Facilities and vendors to track local projects, as needed
*.Leads/directs work with other support staff, as needed
*.Performs other duties as required
Job Qualifications
Minimum Qualifications
*.High School diploma or GED
*.Previous office/clerical experience
Factors that determine level
*. Level of education and/or equivalent, relevant experience
*.Ability to work independently and/or amount of direction needed
*.Scope and complexity of work
*.Level of authority and latitude in making decisions
Knowledge, Skills & Abilities
*. Knowledge of Microsoft Office to include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc.
*.Knowledge of policies, procedures, and corporate structure
*.Ability to prioritize work, be detail oriented and meet deadlines
*.Ability to perform in a fast paced environment and handle multiple tasks simultaneously
*.Ability to be self-motivated with strong organizational skills
*.Ability to grasp concepts and functionality of specific software and programs
*.Ability to effectively communicate with all levels both verbally and written ..More Details » [Apply] 
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