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Job - Tax Supervisor | Ikeja Electric. Lagos Nigeria - Vacancy

Job Details: 
*.Pay-As-You-Earn (PAYE)
*.Liaise with the Human Resource department to ensure correctness of PAYE computation.
*.Liaise with the Treasury unit to ensure timely remittance of PAYE.
*.Follow up with the relevant tax authorities on the collection of PAYE receipts.
*.Ensure timely filing of annual PAYE returns.
*.Follow up on the collection of E-tcc cards for the staff.
Withholding Tax (WHT)
*.Liaise with the treasury and other business units to ensure correctness of WHT deductions
*.Ensure timely remittances of WHT deductions.
*.Follow up on collection and disbursement of credit notes.
Value Added Tax (VAT)
*.Ensure correct computation of VAT.
*.Ensure timely remittance of VAT.
*.Ensure timely filing of VAT returns
Company Income Tax (CIT)
*.Ensure correctness of annual tax computation.
*.Ensure timeliness of CIT filing.
Tax Audits
*.Participating in the various tax audits
*.Ensure timely provision of information required for the tax audits.
*.Attending to various issues arising from the tax audit.
*.Be up to date on all tax laws, enactments and advising the company on the implications.
*.Carry out any other duty as requested by Head Management accounting, tariffs & taxation and Head of Department
Minimum qualifications
*.This role requires a first degree or its equivalent diploma qualification in Finance & Accounts
*.Requires between 4-6 years relevant work experience in an audit/tax firm
Technical Competencies
*.Excellent knowledge of tax laws, tax accounting, tax compliance and all types of tax returns
*.Knowledge and experiences in accounting.
*.Have strong and flexible mentoring skills
*.Ability to organize and analyse financial information.
*.Good computer skills.
*.Ability to present a professional business image to customers, employees and vendors.
Behavioral Competencies
*.Ability to work under pressure and multi task effectively
*.Meticulous attention to detail.
*.Flexible to learn.
*.Good written & spoken English communication skills.
*.Problem Solving & Decision Making.
*.Innovative Thinking ..More Details » [Apply] 
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